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Solu district trek


This area of Nepal has not been trekked much till recently, consequently there are beautiful, unspoiled trails to some very special places. Many of our porters hail from this region so we can make a few house-calls along the way. The valleys are intensely farmed but the ridges are densely wooded with rhododendron, cedar and spruce. Pike (pronounced Pee-Kay) Peak is the highpoint, quite literally, of the trek. However, altitude is not a serious issue here, though we will, as always, ascend slowly.

It is a day-Long Jeep ride up to Pattale but we will have our own Jeep with plenty of room and a chance to stop when and where we like. The return flight from Phaphlu is spectacular in the extreme.

The accommodation is variable; rather rustic on the less-used trails and then much better when we join the traditional Jiri to Everest route at Jumbesi. You do need to be prepared for outside toilets and hard beds - I will be taking my Thermarest.

The following itinerary is not written in stone. There are several opportunities to be a bit flexible - and we may find we need to reschedule as we go along. Cost will be $2650 (AUD) which is a little more than anticipated BUT we are now taking two full weeks. It includes your internal flight and reserved jeeps, all meals and accommodation everywhere, individual porters, a Nepali guide and, of course, me!

Proposed Itinerary:

November 8 - DAY 1:

Arrive in Kathmandu. We will pick you up from the airport, or wherever, and bring you to Kapan. Large shared apartments at the Shambala Village Resort. Dinner in Bouda for a stretch after a long flight?

November 9 - DAY 2:

Stay in Kathmandu, at Kapan. Into Thamel for banking, gear shopping (Happy to help with this) , sightseeing, etc. Evening pre-trek briefing.

November 10 - DAY 3:

Jeep to Pattale. All-day trip riding in our own jeeps, often beside one of the three big rivers. Sunkoshi, Tamakoshi and Bhotekoshi. Plenty of stops. There is a new lodge in Pattale with tiny cottages. This village is home to Dorje, Akal and Rames. Also the Pattale Health Clinic is here. 2800 m.

November 11 - DAY 4:

Pattale to Jhapre. 2700 m. 5 hours trekking. Descend to Bakam Sherpa village through pine forest reaching Sigane after about two and a half hours for a lunch stop. After lunch the trail is mishmash, a mixture of different terrain. simple lodge and a monastery to explore.

November 12 - DAY 5: Jhapre to Lhamuje.3500 m. 6 - 7 hours walk. A harder day. This is where we find Kanchas lodge. Alternative name Baudha as there is a large chlorten near the lodge. We climb up slowly through rhododendron and spruce forest. Lunch is at Bulbule 3200 m. If it is clear the views will be fabulous, especially of Numbur, the nearest peak which dominates the landscape here. After lunch we cross more open ridges, fringed with cedar till Lhamuje.
November 13 - DAY 6: Pike Peak. Dorje's advice is to ascend the peak and then go to Dairy. The name says it all. A cheese factory. Yum! The long descent, better left till tomorrow. Also, if you are tired, the ascent of the peak is not compulsory.
November 14 - DAY 7:

Dairy to Jaastabanigyang. 3000 m. Downhill for six to seven hours through shaded forests.

November 15 - DAY 8:

Jaastabanigyang to Jumbesi 2700 m. Another longish day though Loding is an option if we get tired, adding a short walk into Jumbesi in the morning. Jumbesi is on the old Jiri/Everest trail. Old Buddhist monuments, monastery and apple gardens. A charming village.

November 16 - DAY 9: Jumbesi to Ringmu. Lovely climb up through dense forest then out onto grassy ridges for lunch at Everest View. The name says it all really. We stayed here last time. Let's see how we feel.
November 17 - DAY 10: Ringmu to Taksundo La. This is only two hours of gentle uphill so could be done from Everest View. Nice old Buddhist chlorten at the tea stop.
November 18 - DAY 11:

Rest Day at Taksundo La. We may have used up this day en route with unforeseen problems. If we are here on Day 11 then there are a couple of nice options. The high ridge walk is stunning. A barely marked trail in the woods leads to a stunning view and it is easy walking. The village of Taksundo, with its monastery is just half an hour below the lodge. Both are possible in a day.

November 19 - DAY 12:

Taksundo La to Phaphlu. A long easy downhill walk through farm and forest. We will often take the little-used Jeep road. Overnight at Phaphlu ready for an early flight tomorrow. Beautiful anni gompa (nunnery) nearby. Nice lodge.

November 20 - DAY 13: Fly down to Kathmandu. These flights are always Weather permitting'. If we have to wait a day, we can.
November 21 - DAY 14:

Free Day in Kathmandu. We must keep this day in case our flight was delayed yesterday. Plan B would be to Jeep down today. Phaphlu airstrip is long, open and much more reliable than Lukla. If we are home free then we can head out shopping, sightseeing, etc. As you like. We will help with your plans or visits.

November 22 - DAY 15:

GO HOME! Happy to help with your onward plans, airport, etc.


I have liaised with Dorje by email over this itinerary and we talked it over when we did EBC in April. However, I am typing on a tiny, borrowed iPad. Please excuse the typos or odd layout. Doing my best here.

To those of you who have been waiting for this for weeks, thanks for your patience. One more check with Dorje and I will publish.
Teresa didi