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While numbers were small last year, those of us who hit the trails had a fabulous time.   Kati and I did Muktinath in February. Snow was beautiful up the top, Spring was wonderful to walk back down into after the heights.   Hardly anyoneone else was up there besides the locals.

Upcoming Nepal treks

The Codlin family, Col, Lyndall, Keisha and Billy, trekked with me once more to Muktinath.  We almost got rained out in the beginning (we started the season a bit early)  but a short delay in a nice lodge (Eagle Nest, Ghasa) and the rest was great, though not without incident.   

Sharon, out of Canada, was the only customer for Everest.  My partner Ekki was unwell and another couple of trekkers just ‘couldn’t make it’.  Undeterred, Sharon and I, with Lahar and Bir, had a fantastic time pioneering this new approach, jeeping in halfway to Lukla. Not EBC!

Upcoming Nepal treks

Plans for 2023.

Upcoming TreksNo firm dates yet but we will put a group together for the Everest Region for about October 10 for three weeks.  I will write an itinerary shortly so please, stay tuned.

I have recently returned from such a trek and will publish the Trek Report soon too.   It was a great experience.  We jeeped in via Pattale and Phaphlu  (directly to Phaphlu next time) .   We had a very long bumpy jeep ride to Kharikhola.  In retrospect, and a bit better-informed, I would take the jeep down to the footbridge below Nuntala, walk over the bridge and then jeep, or trek to Kharikhola. 

From Kharikhola there is one more jeep, up to Tham Danda.  Just an hour in the jeep but it saves a murderous climb.  However, the trek from Tham Danda to Poyan is no picnic. 

I had imagined a rather easy walk from Poyan to Chaurikharka, just below the main Lukla to Namche trail.  It was way harder than I remembered – isn’t it always.   We stopped so many times for donkey trains, often more than one, in each direction, that we only got to Surke for the night and only made Chaurikharka for lunch next day. However,  It was a lovely stop in a great lodge with gas hot showers, so not complaining.  Will definitely factor this in to the 2023 itinerary.  We had three or four days ‘spare’ so were very flexible.

All this, and more, in a Trek Report soon.    I may have two or three starters for a similar  2023 Everest Region Trek, and would need to confirm a group of 4 to make it viable.  Looks promising.  Please note, this trek does NOT go anywhere near the Everest Base Camp.

Read the itinerary for October 2022 if you are keen, as it will be fairly similar.  We would fly out of Lukla  in a light aircraft, 16-seater, very exciting.

Cost will be around $4000.  If you are comparing prices do please bear in mind that this price covers EVERYTHING.  Every meal everywhere, taxis, jeeps, internal flights, your own personal porter (with good clothes, boots and insurance – properly paid), permits and the best  lodgings available in any given location.   It does NOT include international flights, but from airport pick up to airport drop off at the end, you are on our tab for everything except alcohol and a nice tip for your porter.

Upcoming Nepal treks

Scroll down to see the proposed itinerary. To be confirmed.   

While airfares are a bit more expensive, restrictions on vaccinations and PCR tests are over. Still need to wear a mask in the plane - and why would you not? Also, be sure and check the requirements of your own airline and that of your government for your RETURN HOME!

The region we propose to visit are gorgeous.  The area below Lukla on the traditional Jiri to Everest trail are dotted with farms and villages and not just long stretches of rocky wasteland with a cluster of lodges at the end.    The section up to Namche is often busy but of course these days, with tourist numbers so low, I do not think this will be a problem.  The Thamo and Thame Valley is a beautiful area with huge snowy peaks and old stone villages and monasteries clinging to the steep hillsides.  I do not know why it is not more popular but almost everyone goes up the main valley to the Everest Base Camp.   It is amazing up there too but pretty bleak and rather extreme altitudes.   Thame is at 3800 metres and that is the highest we would sleep.  Namche is only 3400 with very comfortable lodges and facilities so if anyone’s body is not responding well to the altitude (unlikely at our slow ascent rate) we are just a day’s easy downhill trek to a more comfortable place. 

Upcoming Nepal treks

I know that jeeping in is NOT the traditional, hard-core way to go.  But I would like to encourage people with more ordinary levels of fitness to join this trek.   I am 68, a bit on the heavy side and I like a drink.  And I plan to walk every step with you. My partner Ekki is keen to do the same.

You can get in touch at or

Love to hear from you.
Cheers, Teresa didi

Upcoming Nepal treks



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