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Well, 2020 and 2021 were a complete write-off as far as Trekking in Nepal was concerned.  Life in Germany was almost normal except for masks and vaccinations.  Our lockdown was not too onerous as we live in a tiny village surrounded by pretty countryside and we had a 15 km limit on travel.

Upcoming Nepal treks

I have just confirmed that we will be trekking up to Muktinath, starting on September 29 and ending on October 19. Scroll down for the itinerary. As there is a jeep road all the way, which we will avoid most of the time, there will always be an option to catch a ride if you need a day off. Weather at this time of year will be warm and sunny. You will see from the itinerary that we will spend time in Kathmandu and Pokhara before and after the trek. We plan to fly back to Kathmandu from Pokhara, which is an extremely spectacular flight.

Upcoming Nepal treks

Upcoming TreksI am happy to confirm that our Everest Trek to Thamo and Thame is going ahead. Just one booking so far, but Ekki and I are going regardless of bookings. Jeeping in over several days and using a Chopper to come down. Scroll down to see the prospective itinerary. To be confirmed.

I have trekked into this part of the Everest  region from Pattale a couple of times; it is really hard work and I am not that keen to do it again.  Long hours of up and then equally long hours of down.    The jeep road now extends almost all the way in to just below Lukla.  My idea is that we take a dedicated jeep and driver and make our way, over several days, to Pattale, Nuntala and Karikhola, overnighting at trekking lodges and jeeping up and over the grueling foothills.  

Trekking on foot (there are no roads) from Surkhe onwards it would take three or four days (slowtrekking remember) to reach Namche Bazzaar. A day of acclimatization perhaps and then slowly up to Thamo, then Thame.   I love this valley and most crowds do not go there unless it is for a bit of acclimatization. I would like to stay 3 nights at Thame. The lodge is good (I visited with Kancha in 2018).  The options for day walks are great.   Over to the monastery and back, slowly.   Out towards the Rolwaling Wall, and back. Up towards the Rinjo La, for the views, and back. We can walk back to Namche in a day, have a rest, then descend, rather easily now, to Phakding and then Lukla, where we could chopper or fly out.

The dedicated jeep and chopper would add to the price a bit.  I think we should allow about 20 days, which  includes 2 nights before and after trekking in Kathmandu.  Possibly at the International Guesthouse or, alternatively, at the Benchen Monastery Guesthouse, Swayambu.

Scroll down to see the proposed itinerary. To be confirmed.   

I travelled to Nepal  fairly easily.   Fares were a bit more expensive than usual but not a lot more.   I had to be certified as double vaxed (I am triple) and have a negative PCR test for Covid 72 hours prior to boarding.  It is 24/48 hours for some airlines.   We had to wear masks in the plane.   PCR Testing in Nepal for the return flight was a breeze (I went home in January).   Book a test, they come to your hotel, email you within 6 hours with results and drop off the printed test results later that day.  All by motorbike.  Cost 2000 Nepali Rupees, $25 AUD.  Not too onerous.

Upcoming Nepal treks

The regions we propose to visit are gorgeous.  The area below Lukla on the traditional Jiri to Everest trail are dotted with farms and villages and not just long stretches of rocky wasteland with a cluster of lodges at the end.    The section up to Namche is often busy but of course these days, with tourist numbers so low, I do not think this will be a problem.  The Thamo and Thame Valley is a beautiful area with huge snowy peaks and old stone villages and monasteries clinging to the steep hillsides.  I do not know why it is not more popular but almost everyone goes up the main valley to the Everest Base Camp.   It is amazing up there too but pretty bleak and rather extreme altitudes.   Thame is at 3800 metres and that is the highest we would sleep.  Namche is only 3400 with very comfortable lodges and facilities so if anyone’s body is not responding well to the altitude (unlikely at our slow ascent rate) we are just a day’s easy downhill trek to a more comfortable place. 

Upcoming Nepal treks

I know that jeeping in is NOT the traditional, hard-core way to go.  But I would like to encourage people with more ordinary levels of fitness to join this trek.   I am 68, a bit on the heavy side and I like a drink.  And I plan to walk every step with you. My partner Ekki is keen to do the same.

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Love to hear from you.
Cheers, Teresa didi

Upcoming Nepal treks



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