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Rukum to Phoksundo, Nov 1 - 28, 2019

Proposed Rukum District to Phoksundo (Dolpo) Trek, November 1 - 28, 2019

Rukum District to Phoksundo (Dolpo) Trek

As you probably well know, I have not trekked to the region of Rukum and Dolpo myself.   However, I have been talking it over with Lahar for years and the time has finally come.    One reason is to trek in a region which is new and interesting for all of us.  Another is to trek in a less well-travelled region. 

One of the reasons this trek is now more possible is road access.  Lahar is talking about great new jeep roads up to Baglung and then beyond.   We will obviously leave from Pokhara but it looks like a jeep for the first couple of days with an overnight in Baglung. 

The Rukum Valley is, according to Lahar, very beautiful and not too difficult.  That is until you get to the mountains at the head of the valley.  I am expecting the climb up into Dolpo itself to be quite hard.   By then we will have warmed up in Langtang and trekked up the valley.  I am happy to ‘have a go’ and just see how far we get.   Now this is still ‘’ so if anyone is struggling when we are out there we can still back off, slow down or even organise for you to stay, or wait, or return, or whatever.  Nobody will be pushed up a mountain.  This is no Everest summit team and we are there to enjoy ourselves.

I hear that the region was closed until 1996 and has many unspoiled villages with various cultural flavours, unspoiled by development. I believe we can get to Phoksundo Lake but I’ll confirm that shortly.  I could be dreaming.

Dorje has given some useful input too.  Suggesting that while mules and tents and stoves are great, there are times when it’s better to load up some jeeps and go around, over or through some obstacles.

We will take most of our usual staff.  Bir will be head cook.  Lahar will guide, it is his district.  Dorje may or may not join us depending on Everest commitments (Frank and Rudy want EBC and Gokyo in November).  

I have estimated a cost of $3500 AUD.   It sounds like a lot but this is 28 days, a month in Nepal.   Also, most people don’t realise that camping is actually more expensive than teahouse trekking.  You need more staff to put up tents, cook food and carry or pack the gear each day.  You need a pony-wallah to look after the mules.   Then the extra staff need tents and food and a stove……..and so it goes.    I had a look at World Expeditions ‘Trans Dolpo’ trek.  A bit different as it is higher and wilder and goes over the big passes.  They just reduced their price to $7690 for the same 28 days.      If this turns out not to be enough money I would reserve the right to ask for a little bit extra at the end.  The  hire cost  is not cheap when they are dedicated jeeps.  Local jeeps will carry up to 12 people; you would not want to be part of that.   Ponies are also not cheap.  I think we would fly back to Kathmandu.   Lahar will confirm this soon.  We may find it is more economical to get a chopper.  To be confirmed.  I am trying to cover our costs here, not make a profit. 

I can’t really give you any details about the itinerary.  I have sent Lahar up there now to check out a few things, make sure there is accommodation prior to meeting our camping support team.  I will let you know what he reports.

So, who is game??   FROM Teresa didi.