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LANGTANG TREK - OCTOBER 10 to 25/30, 2019


Langtang Trekking

We have not trekked the Langtang since April 2015, the time of the big earthquake.  It is time to return.  In case you are concerned, the big ones seem to occur once in every three generations so I think we will be fine for a while now.  It is one of the most beautiful and yet easily accessible regions I have trekked in Nepal.  No scary flights in or out; we jeep up on a reasonable paved road.  You will see magnificent peaks just three days into your trek and the Langtang Valley itself is a very gentle incline towards the unbelievable beauty of Kyanjin Gompa at 3800 metres.  We will acclimatize along the way. I have planned this trek so that it can be done by beginners, leaving out the steep climb up to Gossainkund at the end.   For hardier souls the lakes at Gossainkund are stunning.     Don’t forget – we are  We will not cover too much in one day and will stop long and often during the day.  Many people of ‘a certain age’ and only moderate levels of fitness have had a great time on this trek.

As with all our treks I will be leading personally.  You will arrive in Kathmandu a couple of days prior to trekking.  I would like to check your gear and help you shop for any necessary items.  You can also do a bit of sightseeing and get accustomed to each other as a group. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea then do get in touch at or  You might find some of the trek reports from previous years useful reading.  You will find them at along with lots of photos.

Looking at $2800 for the short version (15 days) and $3550 for the long version (20 days).   I will confirm this but it looks pretty good. Remember when comparing, our price includes ABSOLUTELY everything except alcohol and a tip for your personal porter.  Yes, one porter for EVERY customer.  All meals – in Kathmandu and on trek. Every coffee, soft drink, taxi, etc.  EVERYTHING!

So here is our plan for Langtang Trek:

October 10:

Arrive in Kathmandu. We will meet your flight and transfer you to our hotel. Nepali food for dinner?

October 11:

Big day in town, the tourist district of Thamel. Banking, paying me, gear shopping, a little sightseeing if time permits (I will be getting your permits issued). Repack rucksacks with new gear and early night for an extremely early call next morning.

October 12:

Hit the road around 6 am if possible, leaving the Kathmandu Valley before the peak hour. Lunch in Trisuli and, road conditions permitting, we will be in Syabrubensi by 4 pm if we take a cuppa in Dunche. Basic teahouse accommodation tonight.

October 13:

First day on trek. We trek to Bamboo, with a long tea stop, several rests and a longer lunch at Landslide. It might feel difficult because it is your first day. We will be trekking beside the beautiful Langtang River all day. It might be a bit warm.

October 14:

Day 2 is steeper but nearly always in the shade of the forest. Still warm at this altitude and we should make it to Lama Hotel, at about 2500m, an hour after lunch.

October 15:

Another steep day on earthen trails in shady woods. We may glimpse Langtang Lirung through the trees today. Gora Tabela, at nearly 3000m, is the entrance to the Langtang Valley. From here the steep-sided u-shaped glacial valley stretches out in front of us.

October 16:

The distance from Gora Tabela to Langtang village is not great but we are trekking up to 3450 metres so we need to slow down and take it easy as we make our way along the valley floor. Langtang Village was completely destroyed in the big quake in 2015 and I have not seen it since. The new lodges have been established on a ridge above the terminal moraine, one of many which lie cross the valley floor.

October 17:

We will almost certainly stay here for 2 nights – depends how well we are all acclimatising. A chance to rest, recover, wash a few smalls and just sit in the sun gazing at the peaks.

October 18:

Onwards and upwards, though very gently, to our final destination in the valley Kyanjin Gompa (3850m). It is absolutely stunning up here so again we will stay here for two nights. There is a small ri or ridge behind the village, Kyanjin Ri, which is a half-hour challenge to an even more spectacular view. There is the mighty Tsergo Ri – 4 am start and back in time for dinner – not for the faint-hearted. Again, sitting in the sun gazing at the peaks is an option. I like to walk up the valley a bit further towards Langshisha Kharka but we only usually get about half way, eat our boiled eggs and chapattis and then return. There is bakery here in KG with real coffee!!

October 19:

Staying in Kyanjin Gompa (see above).

October 20:

Downhill trekking is bliss. We can easily return to Gora Tabela from here, with a long liesurely lunch at Langtang Village on the way.

October 21:

Down, down and down again, back through the forest; keep an eye open for black-faced langours. We will stop at Bamboo. Warm down here and right beside the rushing river.


This is for those of you doing the shorter version.

October 22:

A long easy gradual descent to Syabrubesi. Plenty of time to stop for cups of tea and a long lunch.

October 23:

Jeep back to Kathmandu. Feet up, relax and watch the scenery go by with no effort whatsoever.

October 24:

Sightseeing and SHOPPING in Kathmandu. We will make sure you see the sights and hit the best shops.

October 25:

Time to go home. If your flight is late in the day we will find something amazing for you to do – and cheerful staff to do it with you. Either way, we will get you to the airport in plenty of time for your flight.


This is for those of you doing the longer version.

October 22:

A lovely long run down to the turnoff, not very well-marked in the bamboo thickets below Landslide. Then a slog uphill to the ridge for a well-earned cuppa. After traversing the ridge you will descend, sadly, to a big suspension bridge and then, sadly, climb back up to Thulo Syabru. This place is idyllic, surrounded by cultivated fields and tree-clad hills.

October 23:

It's a steep climb again today, firstly on a zig zag dirt track above the village to morning tea at the aptly-named Beautiful View teahouse. The next section is uphill once more, this time through a forest of cedar and maple and hemlock. There is a beautiful old chauthara deep in the woods – great place for a quiet pause. One last slog up a grassy slope, dotted with rhododendrons, brings you onto a saddle with two lodges for lunch. It's a delightful one hour stroll to Sin Gompa (3350m) after lunch.

October 24:

It is quite possible to reach Gossainkund from here but far more pleasant to stay at Laurabinayak on the way up. Not so much altitude gain in one day. Gossainkund is at 4400 metres. We would want to decide on the day how far we want to go up. Also, since the earthquake we are not sure of accommodation options in this location. There is nothing much at Laurabinayak except one of the best views in the entire Himalayas.

October 25:

Lets keep this day free in case you stayed down at Laurabinayak yesterday. In which case it is a slow and beautiful climb of just 2 – 3 hours to reach the biggest lake at Gossainkund. A stunningly beautiful location. Make sure you have plenty of battery power for your camera. It really is exquisite.

October 26:

Walk back down, oh so easily, to Sin Gompa. This is a divine day of trekking.

October 27:

It is a bloody long way down to Dunche – from 3350m down to 1950m - so be prepared for a bit of knee crunching today. The trail does not have so much shade and it will get warmer as you descend, naturally. A lovely little shrine by the river at the bottom with a small friendly teahouse. Boots off and soak your hot feet ? Only another hour into Dunche.

October 28:

Jeep back to Kathmandu. Could be staying in Kapan, near Bouda or, alternatively, at Swayambu. We have yet to decide. Either way it will be comfortable.

October 29:

Sightseeing? Shopping? Sleeping?? Washing clothes? AS YOU LIKE

October 30:

Out to the airport with you! We will find something interesting for you to do till your departure if your flight is late in the day. If you are 'staying on' for the experimental trip to Rukum (jeeps/mules/camping!!) and Phoksundo Lake we will organise something.

October 31:


November 01:



As I write this itinerary we have about 6 starters so do get in touch soon if you are interested in joining us.

CHEERS, Teresa didi.