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EVEREST TREK – Oct 16 to Nov 7, 2023

Trekking with Teresa - EVEREST REGION
Oct 16 to Nov 7, 2023

everest trek

Starting date has just been confirmed as October 16. Free to go home from 8 November. It will be pretty much the same as last year's trek to this region, Trek Report is on the website at Only difference is that we will trek into AND out of the area via Phaphlu, using jeeps over the most tedious foothills. I flew twice in Nepal last season. It was really unpleasant.

Starting in mid October, it will be warm and sunny at first but, being a little earlier than last year, not quite so cold at higher altitudes. The trek takes around 3 weeks. A couple of days before trekking in Kathmandu for orientation, gear checking, permits, preparation of permits, banking, etc. Then 2 days in Kathmandu at the end of the trek. Shopping, sightseeing, recovering?

Since we are not flying into Lukla, one of the world's most dangerous airstrips, we need to jeep in the first couple of days. The first day has good roads, mostly, and it will be quite warm on the way as we follow the Sunkhosi River. The second day is a bit more of an adventure as we jeep to a place below Nuntala, trek across the river on a footbridge, then jeep again to Kharikhola. This would take three days to trek. The third day is just an hour of jeep to the top of really tough ridge. There is plenty of trekking to get your teeth into after this.

I already have about 6 starters, plus myself and Ekki, so let me know if you are up for this. We do not want a really big group.

Here is the day by day itinerary:

OCT 16:

Arrive Kathmandu. We will meet you, transfer to hotel, wine and dine.

OCT 17:

Stay in Kathmandu. International Guesthouse. Check trekking gear, shop if necessary. Banking, permits. general preparation for trek. All room, food, drinks.

OCT 18:

Jeep, about 8 hours, to Phaphlu. Good jeeps, plenty of stops for loo, coffee, food, etc. Trekking Lodge.

OCT 19:

Another jeep. Three to four hours down to the river below Nuntala, walk a little, then a further jeep for under an hour to Kharikhola. Lodge overnight there.

OCT 20:

Last transport. One hour, up , up, up. Saves us half a day of a brutal climb . Then trekking. Rather demanding first day. Rocky trails, in and out of the forest. Up and down a long way to Poyan. Nice lodge. These days will be warm and sunny, not too hot between 2 – 3000 metres.

OCT 21:

Trekking to Surke, if we are delayed on the trail by lots of donkeys and yaks, or Chaurikharka if we make good progress. Streams, waterfalls, farm, forests.

OCT 22:

Ghat is a rather easy trek from Chaurikharka but we might be ready for an easier afternoon today. We are now on the main Everest Base Camp trail. It is way more crowded, though our lodge tonight is usually just a lunch stop for the hoards. About 2650 m.

OCT 23:

Trek to Jorsale. We are ascending to Namche more slowly than most people. This is a good move. A lot of up and down. Glimpses of big peaks, gorgeous valley views below. Plenty of time for a few leisurely stops today. About 2750 metres.

OCT 24:

It takes around four hours to reach Namche. At first on a level riverside trail but then a torturous zig-zag to the plateau. Big village. Bit of a slog, and a very high suspension bridge, but in the lodge for lunch. 3450 m.

OCT 25:

Thamo is barely any higher than Namche so it is an easy half-day trek/acclimatisation day. The trail is fairly easy, the views are great. Its not busy out here.

OCT 26:

If we have all acclimatised, we will trek on to Thame, anyone who is not doing as well can come tomorrow if they like, or not at all if it does not suit. This is quite a gradual ascent. Definitely now above the trees, bleak, rocky landscape with astounding white peaks directly in front of the village. Thame is 3800 m but we will be used to it by now. Afternoon stroll about the village.

OCT 27:

Spare day in Thame. We can stay there and go out for a day-trek. We may have people joining us who did not wish to ascend yesterday. We may have members who wish to descend a little. Everyone has a different reaction to the altitude. Mine is often a bit different between one visit and the next. Usually no troubles at all as we walked in and came up slowly.

OCT 28:

This is fairly ambitious but achievable. Descend to Thamo, about 2 hours. Descend a little more then use the small forrest trail to climb a ridge which brings us into Khumjung. About 3900 (?) and a lovely, peaceful village. First Hilary school. Great views.

OCT 29:

A fabulous day. Slow breakfast, then wind up the 'school trail' to a ridge affording spectacular views. The descent into Namche will test your knees a bit. There is an easier option if anyone fancies it. Overnight in Namche. Look at the trekking shops, have a coffee in a bar?

OCT 30:

Today we will descend back to our original lodge at Ghat. We did this in 2 days coming up (really 1.5) so downhill we can manage this distance.

OCT 31:

Up and down several times but then a long, steep descent through Chaurikharka to Surke. We might modify this as we go. We leave the main trail.

NOV 01:

A hard day of up and down on rocky trails. Hopefully, by now, we are a little bit trek-hardened and can cope quite well. Overnight at Poyan I think. A few options.

NOV 02:

Pretty sure we can walk all the way down to Kharikhola, but we pass the jeep station and may get lucky? Kharikhola, warmer, softer, greener.

NOV 03:

Jeep arrangements as per coming up, in reverse. I have a day built in here for compromises we may have to make on availability of jeeps. Hopefully Phaphlu. We might trek to Nuntala or at least the bridge over the river below Nuntala.

NOV 04:

Jeep to Kathmandu. Takes most of the day but it is no longer so warm on the journey. We will do this tomorrow if we have used an extra day getting here. Big night out? Or a recovery early night?

NOV 05:

Staying in Kathmandu. Shopping, sightseeing, resting. As you like. International Guesthouse, Paknajol. Just on the edge of Thamel, the tourist mecca in Kathmandu. We can arrange for you to visit places of interest to you.

NOV 06:

Spare day in Kathmandu. We may have used this up.

NOV 07:

GO HOME!!! Surely that was enough. We will get you to the airport for your flight or find something interesting for you to do till then.


Don't forget. If you want something higher, harder or longer, just let me know. Dorje can handle it at WIN Nepal.

You can reach me at or  There are already about 6 people interested, some confirmed, and then there is me, and Ekki, for sure. So do get in touch and we could see if this trek might suit you. It would cost $4000 AUD for 23 days, without your international flight. When comparing, do bear in mind that we cover EVERYTHING. All meals, hotels, lodges, drinks, taxis, sightseeing, trekking permits, ONE PORTER FOR EACH CUSTOMER, and me of course. I am definitely coming with you on this one. 

Happy to confirm that we are now doing a Cultural Safari after the trek. Starting November 10 till 20. Have a look at the website at for details.


Cheers, Namaste, Tashi Delek,
Teresa didi

everest trek
Lunch stop between Namche and Thamo