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CULTURAL SAFARI DECEMBER 2019I often meet people who would love to visit Nepal, folks who trekked there in their younger days, and also people who have always wished to see the mighty Himalayas.   A lot of these people DO NOT want to go trekking.   So here is a trip to Nepal which covers a large swathe of the country WITHOUT trekking.    Well, there are a couple of short treks but they are definitely OPTIONAL.

Please keep reading about the Nepal Cultural Safari...

First we will spend a couple of nights in Kathmandu.  It is an astoundingly interesting city – sometimes overcrowded, dirty and polluted, sometimes divine.  We will stay somewhere comfortable, at Bouda so that you can walk to the magnificent stupa morning and evening and join the Tibetans making kora.   

We will then hit the road in our own vehicle.  We know all the best places to stop along the way – we have done this trip  six times now.  Longer drives are broken up with good tea, pee and lunch stops.  The vehicle is air-conditioned but we shouldn't need that in December.  Weather  will be mild, sunny and hopefully clear with cooler nights.

We will visit Chitwan for wildlife and stay two nights for some really engaging activities.  We will visit the birthplace of the Buddha, Lumbini.  It's a long drive to Pokhara from there, so we will stay overnight about half way at Thansen Palpa, a pretty hilltop Newari town, little-visited by tourists. At Pokhara we will stay two nights as there is a lot to do. We will take you out on the lake in the morning and you can climb up the forest trail to the Peace Stupa – if you like.

Half-way back to Kathmandu is the quaint little village of Bandipur, 9 km off the main road.  Again, we will stay two nights, jut so that we can spend a day wandering around.   Mountain views should be fantastic.
The day we leave Bandipur you will have the option of trekking down the 9 km winding road to the highway in the valley below.  It is easy.  We will drive across Kathmandu and stay just outside Bhaktapur in the east of the Kathmandu Valley.  Two nights here.  On the second day we will organise a big day-walk, for those who want it, to Changu Narayan, the oldest temple in the valley.  From there you can walk back to our hotel (or not).   Next morning we will fully explore the ancient city of Bhaktapur before returning to Kathmandu, just an hour away.

CULTURAL SAFARI DECEMBER 2019Upon our return to Kathmandu we may stay at Swayambunath.  We can decide as a group.  We then have a day or so for sightseeing, cultural interests, visiting projects you may be interested in or shopping – or ALL OF THE ABOVE.

The cost this year is $2700 AUD.  It does include ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.  We will stay at quite nice hotels with attached bathrooms and good food.  We will have a realy competent driver. I will personally escort the group and again this season I will bring my partner Ekkehard with me.  There are lots of trek reports from previous seasons and many photos at   You can reach me at or There is also a facebook page called Slow Trekking.  I am in Melbourne till March 14 and happy to meet or have a phone chat on 0498 681 655.   This is definitely a trip you can come along on your own. The rooms are twin share and everyone gets a turn riding in the front seat of the bus.  Vegetarian food is always available (and good).   If you need to shop for anything prior to departure from Kathmandu we will be in town and I'll advise.

If you can't get a flight arriving on exactly December 1 we can arrange something for you for November 30.  Same with departure date.

Here is the day by day itinerary:

December 1:

Arrive in Kathmandu from 'wherever'. I will collect you from the airport for transfer. We will eat in Bouda this evening and get to know each other.

December 2:

Sightseeing – we will plan this according to your interests. Possibly Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambu, Thamel district for shopping (trip requirements). You can do some banking exchange (pay me in cash too) and enjoy a great lunch. Taxis back to Bouda to pack for a very early start.

December 3:

Up early and on the road. A pleasant stop for morning tea a couple of hours from Kathmandu and then a leisurely lunch a couple of hours later. The scenery is breathtaking and the road is mostly good and sealed. After lunch at the delightful Riverside Springs Resort the road leaves the Prithvi Highway and is now even better. This new road will have us in Chitwan in a few hours and, again, scenery is amazing. Jungle Villa Resort will have a full programme for us.

December 4:

The programme at Jungle Villa includes a Cultural Programme with local singing and dancing, an elephant ride through the jungle in search of tiger (exceptionally well-cared-for elephants making one or two walks per day), an elephant education session, a village walk, a canoe ride, bird-watching, a crocodile breeding programme, a barbecue and Nepali food. It has a well-stocked bar. Superb.

December 5:

After another morning of activities we hit the road again. Its about 5 hours to Lumbini on a fairly straight sealed road. Lots to see along the way as we travel through rural Nepal. We should be in Lumbini Bazaar in time for a walk around the village. The hotel here is our most basic – and still ok.

December 6:

One of the highlights of the trip – the birthplace of the Buddha. The actual Buddha Maya Temple is in a large park where countries from around the world have erected lovely Buddhist temples. We will visit some of the best ones. After a morning at Lumbini we will drive out to Thansen Palpa, with a traditional Nepali lunch on the way, to a delightful hill town half way to Pokhara. The views can be fabulous when it is clear.

December 7:

A magical drive around twisting mountain roads leads us to Pokhara. It is a big city these days but the tourist area of Lakeside is full of bars and cafes and shops and a walkway along the edge of the lake. Lots of live music and good food if you want to 'do your own thing' for a couple of hours. Warm enough to eat out of doors.

December 8:

Up early and out on the lake. We will take small local paddle boats across the lake and climb up on a winding trail to the famous Peace Stupa. It is a Pokhara landmark and affords great views of the Anapurna Range of the Himalayas. If you don't want to trek you can return by boat, via a small temple on the lake. We will descend via a forested trail on the far side of the hill and meet up for lunch at a nice café. In the afternoon you are free to do as you like. Catch up on a little washing (laundry facilities are everywhere), snooze, read on the balcony of your room, wander around the lake??

December 9:

Another early call, this time to see the sunrise on the Anapurnas. Our trusty minibus will take us almost all the way there. Bring a warm sweater and your camera. Back to the hotel for breakfast and then a little free time till lunch. After lunch we hit the road again, this time to Bandipur, about three hours away. We may arrive in time for a wander round the village and then a drink at sunset.

December 10:

A full day of taking it easy in Bandipur. Those who want to can join me as we wander about, firstly above the village to a tiny monastery - not a great beauty, just a lovely setting. We will descend into the village on a local trail which winds between tiny rustic farmhouses. The streets of Bandipur, and there are only a couple, are pretty as a picture. Painted houses festooned with climbing plants and flowers set against a clear blue sky and, hopefully, distant Himalayas. Local food for lunch and dinner. Those who want to can venture a bit further out on food. Others can sit in the main square over a long cappuccino.

December 11:

Early breakfast and then a 9 km slow trek downhill to the highway in the valley floor. The road is paved but not much-used. A couple of hours later the bus will drive down and pick us up at the bottom for the drive into Kathmandu. This will take a good 5 hours as we cross Kathmandu and make our way to Bhaktapur on the eastern side of the Kathmandu valley. Dinner at our hotel – Italian owned - good food.

December 12:

Time for our full day-walk. Alternatives available. We will be driven to the edge of the valley at Telkot and will walk from there to Changu Narayan for lunch. The village is a bit touristy but the temple is unspoiled and rather beautiful in its original shabby condition. Wood carvings purporting to be erotic seem to me to be wonderfully tender. After lunch we can walk (o not) back to our hotel at Bhaktapur. Dinner at home again (good food remember).

December 13:

After a leisurely breakfast we can walk over to the old city of Bhaktapur. There was obviously a lot of damage during the 2015 earthquake. However, enough remains to warrant a visit and the best pagoda, the Nayantapolo Temple, is still completely intact. It is a marvel. A full morning of wandering about is really enough so we will drive back to Kathmandu for lunch. It is only an hour away. Depending on where we are staying we will organise an activity for this afternoon.

December 14:

Another 'big day out'. We will try to take you where you want to go. The Durbar Square at Pathan is worth visiting; it has a beautiful museum. If you just want to shop, shop, shop I can help you with that. We will certainly enjoy a great big farewell lunch in town. Pizza perhaps?? There are lots of projects of interest where I have been living at Kapan. The Bright Future Community Centre, a leprosy project making paper from Daphne, a shop with things made by old folk with leprosy, an operating pashmina factory (the real thing) or just visit some real people at home. We can organise a great day tour for this.

It is your day – let us know what you want to do.

December 15:

GO HOME!! We will get you to the airport at an appropriate time for your flight. If you are leaving late we will find something interesting for you to do during the day.


My contact details are above.  As I write this on February 14 the tour has four confirmed bookings.   We don't really want more than 10.  Hope you might join us.

Teresa didi