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CULTURAL SAFARI DECEMBER 2018The Cultural Safari is a great way to see a huge swathe of Nepal without going on a serious trek. There are three opportunities on the trip to make a day-trek. All OPTIONAL: To the Peace Stupa in Pokhara, downhill from Bandipur back to the highway and a full day out of Bhaktapur to Changu Narayan, the oldest temple in the Kathmandu Valley. Otherwise this trip is a more like a conventional holiday tour. We will have our own vehicle (with a good selection of reds and whites in the boot). We will make a grand loop starting with a couple of great days and nights in Kathmandu. We will take you everywhere. Our bus/jeep will travel most of the day to reach Chitwan National Park. There we stay at the Jungle Villa Resort for two nights of luxury and lots of wildlife. Out early on the back of elephants (their own, beautifully cared-for) to look for tiger. Probably will find rhino, deer, peacocks, wild boar and masses of birds. There is an educational element to this visit and a long paddle on a croc-infested river. Nicer than it sounds .

From Chitwan to Lumbini is about five hours and we know some great local snack haunts along the way. In the late afternoon we can stroll through the village as the locals bring their goats and buffalos home. A decent hotel once more and then a morning tour of the actual birthplace of the lord Buddha. Could be kitsch. It isn't. Also a gorgeous park full of temples donated by all the countries of the world. Touring by bicycle, rickshaw (my personal favourite) or taxi. Your choice.

After lunch we will drive up into the hills to Thansen Palpa, a lovely Newari village, little frequented by tourists and (sometimes) fantastic views. Sit on the terrace with a drink and watch the sunset colours. In the morning we can walk down through the town to a busy market selling the local weaving Dhaka. Our transport will be waiting at the bottom of the hill to drive us to Pokhara. It takes about 5 hours and I promise you will never be bored. Spectacular sheer-sided mountains, deep ravines sliced through with rapidly flowing rivers. You will love it. You can sit on the right side of the vehicle if you don't!

Pokhara is chill-out central. Two nights in a rather up-market hotel with private bathrooms and balconies overlooking the lake. Lots of cafes and shops. Be warned the Kashmiris and the Tibetans are really good at selling. One rule. Bargain hard! We plan to take you across the lake in a little boat (not paddled by you) for a fairly steep 40 minute climb to the Peace Stupa. Views are great on the way up so stop often, for pictures. Cuppa at the top then a fairly easy walk down to town for lunch at my favourite cafe Black and White. Try Greek Salad with fetta from the Tibetan Refugee Camp served with a proper naan bread from the tandoor. Yum!

Afternoon options include massage or tandem para-gliding, the mountaineering museum, more shopping, or just chilling out in a garden cafe, Pokhara style.

After a very early start to see the sunrise over the whole Anapurna range, then a big breakfast (our hotel does a good buffet breakfast) we get on the road once more, just half-way back to Kathmandu, to the small village of Bandipur,, 8 km off the Prithvi Highway. A well-kept Newari village we are here to see the great view at sunset and then spend the next day just mooching about. The village is cute, the countryside is easy to walk through, the locals are friendly. A really pleasant day out.

Big road trip today, back to Kathmandu and then just a little beyond to Bhaktapur. We stay just ten minutes walk outside the bustling town in what used to be a private boarding school. We will book two nights here so that we can make our biggest daywalk tomorrow. Options abound for those who just don't fancy it. Drop you halfway, pick you up half-way or just take you into the old city instead. We will do a full tour of the old city the following morning for those who take the trek.

Finally, after a nice walk about the beautifully-restored parts of Bhaktapur (yes, lots of earthquake damage but still loads to see) we will motor just an hour back to Kathmandu. Walk into Bouda for dinner perhaps.

Last day will be up to you. I will take you shopping or arrange sightseeing with a guide or a combination of both. We can decide at the time.

Well, does this sound like something you could do? Hope so. Only one confirmed booking so far, though myself and Ekkehard (German partner) are also a certainty. Do check out for pictures and reports of previous Cultural Safaris. Email me at or I am in Germany till the first trek of the season in mid-October but happy to organise a phone chat of some sort. If you have ever wished you had visited Nepal when you were younger and feel you have left it too late, this could be for you. Great for kids too and this trip has very comfortable accommodation – not lodges or camping!!!

Cheers for now,
Teresa didi.

Cultural Safari Cultural Safari


December 1 – 15: Day 1 Kathmandu. Day 2 Kathmandu. Day 3 Chitwan. Day 4 Chitwan. Day 5 Lumbini. Day 6 Thansen Palpa. Day 7 Pokhara. Day 8 Pokhara. Day 9 Bandipur. Day 10 Bandipur. Day 11 Bhaktapur. Day 12 Bhaktapur. Day 13 Kathmandu. Day 14 Kathmandu. Day 15 GO HOME!

$2650 AUD ex-Kathmandu. We will meet your flight and take care of absolutely EVERYTHING until we take you back to the airport If you can't get a good flight for the exact dates just let me know and we will 'work something out'. Happy to help.

Visa available on arrival. Bring foreign cash around $50 worth. Check with your own Doctor about preventable illness. No mozzies in winter. Hardly any Malaria these days anyway. Check the website for more information on Health. And What to Wear, etc. Also great pics and reports since 2003.