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EVEREST TREK – Oct 26 to Nov 15 2022

Trekking with Teresa - EVEREST TREK
Oct 26 to Nov 15 2022

everest trek

We are planning a rather different Everest Trek this coming October- November season.  Giving the Base Camp a big miss and NOT flying into Lukla.  We will jeep up to Pattale and spend a day acclimatising to 2800 metres. With our own jeep we will take about 3 days, travelling on the jeep road for about 3 hours a day (if all goes well), stopping at trekking lodges each afternoon.  We may be able to trek some of this BUT I have trekked these foothills twice before and it is pretty tough.  1000 metres up, then 1000 metres down. Ridge, Valley, Ridge, Valley.   Its not a lot of fun.  The jeep will take us to just below Lukla where the real trekking begins.  We will follow the traditional route to Namche Bazzaar, taking three days. Most do this in two days.  It is too fast and you will find Namche, at 3400 metres, a bit much in the way of altitude.  We will probably stay two nights in Namche, depending on how we are doing.   I hope this can be a very flexible trip which we can, to some extent, make up as we go along.

After a day of acclimatising in Namche we will trek out to Thamo, a lovely little rural village with an Ani Gompa and lots of traditional stone houses, yaks and farming.  Next day is Thame, at about 4,000 metres.  It is also a farming community but mostly yak herding and potato cropping.  It is a tough life up here.   I want to stay a few days and make day walks out in various directions, basing ourselves in a warm, comfortable lodge which has good cooking.  It is run by the daughter of the Tara Lodge in Thamo.   After a few days enjoying the high altitude views and treks we can come back to Namche in one day rather easily. We would then return via the same route we came up, staying at Phakding halfway back to Lukla.   Chopper back to Kathmandu will be the quickest, safest and most reliable way down.   With a couple of days in Kathmandu before and after the trek this is about 3 weeks.    It is not cheap, factoring in our own jeep and chopper transport.   This is also the most expensive trekking region in Nepal. It is also possibly the most spectacular.  $4000 USD should cover it.  Remember, it is 3 weeks and this will cover ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, including your own porter, nice place to stay in Kathmandu (hoping to get rooms at the Benchen Monastery Guesthouse), ALL your food and drinks, ALL taxis, sightseeing,  trekking permits, entrance fees, airport transfers, etc.  And ME!   My partner Ekki is also joining us so definitely speaking German will not be a problem.

So, here is the plan.  It is not written in stone.  We have enough time to enjoy ourselves and adapt to conditions on the ground.  The start date is tentative – to be confirmed, but should be ok.

Here is the day by day itinerary:

OCT 26:

Arrive in Kathmandu. We will pick you up and transfer to Benchen Monastery Guesthouse. TBC. Great location at Swayambu, just above the city.

OCT 27:

Into the city. I will finalise Trek Permits and TIMS, Insurance for our porters, plus make sure our Jeep is organised. I will check your gear in the morning and see if you need to buy anything in Kathmandu. We can walk down into Kathmandu, where trekking gear is readily available at very reasonable prices and I will help locate what you need. We could also have a nice lunch and catch up with some of our support staff.

OCT 28:

The Jeep will pick us up from our Guesthouse very early. It is a long ride to Pattale but the road is much improved and we should be there by mid-afternoon. A walk to stretch our legs perhaps.

OCT 29:

Probably spend a day in Pattale, but not definite. If we feel good we could take the Jeep to Taksundo or similar as it is no higher.

OCT 30:

This is not planned. I will negotiate with our Jeep driver as to how long each section might take and plan accordingly. There are some quite large villages with reasonable lodges along the way.

OCT 31:

More of the same. I am imagining 3 to 4 hours in the jeep and then a stroll around the village where we have found a good lodge.

NOV 1:

This day should see us brought, in the Jeep, to the start of the trail up to Namche. We will start just below Lukla and join the main trail after an hour or two. We might reach Phakding, or the village before. This is better not fixed. This valley is marvellous. Pine forested ridges then peaks above us with lush vegetable farms in the valley floor.

NOV 2:

Jorsale today. Nice, steady pace. Namche looks close on the map but the last 600 metres of vertical ascent is quite hard. Best left till tomorrow. We will criss-cross the river several times on suspension bridges …..sturdy metal ones!

NOV 3:

Namche Bazaar. A stiff climb but worth the effort. Namche is a very big village with all amenities. Fancy coffee shops, trekking gear shops, wi-fi, even ice cream (do NOT eat the ice cream). Good for one day but a bit irritating for longer. Nice big, clean warm lodge with reliable hot showers.

NOV 4:

We may stay in Namche tonight but head off early to see some serious peaks. An hour out of Namche is one of the most stunning views in Nepal. We can have lunch with a view, then trek back to Namche over Kumjung. Great acclimatisation.

NOV 5:

Trekking today is only about 4 hours to Thamo. No need for a very early start and we can linger along the way. It is great to trek at this pace. Slow Trekking. Accommodation here is a bit rustic as they mostly only do lunch business, but very welcoming.

NOV 6:

Onwards and upwards, though not too steeply, to Thame. Really wild up here with farmers scratching a subsistence living and herding yaks. Stunning mountains. The picture on this header is from the yard of the lodge. We can plan our days as we like.

NOV 7:

We will stay in Thame tonight and tomorrow so we can trek to several places. Higher up towards the Rinjo La, for the views. Out towards the Rolwaling Wall. Over to the Monastery, which looks really close but is not. Of course, none of this would be compulsory. If you wish to sit and meditate or read a book in the sun, that is fine.

NOV 8:

Thame again.

NOV 9:

Trek back to Namche, easily in one day, more downhill than up. Perhaps this is the time for a cappuccino!

NOV 10:

Trek down to Phakding. Again, further than we trekked coming up but it is a bit easier going down. The villages we staggered into and out of on the way up will just slide by going back.

NOV 11:

Lukla today. Probably 6 – 8 hours with lunch and tea stops. Another big village surrounding an airstrip on a ridge. Hopefully our flights on the chopper will be confirmed for tomorrow. They mostly fly in the mornings. We deserve a drink. Possibly a big one.

NOV 12:

Fly down to Kathmandu, weather permitting. I have built in a spare day here, just in case. Rest, relax, sightseeing, eating, sleeping. We will arrange whatever you want to do.

NOV 13:

Spare Day in Kathmandu – or not, depending on flights yesterday.

NOV 14:

Kathmandu for sure. Shopping, sightseeing, etc. As you like.

NOV 15:

Time to go home. I will see you to the airport or arrange something interesting to do if you are on a late flight.


Hope this sounds like something you might want to do?  You do not need to be an experienced trekker to do this, just have a little determination.  It helps if you do not mind going without a shower for a couple of days at a time and enjoy simple vegetarian food. You only carry your day pack, your personal porter will carry your big rucksack, which should be no more than about 16 kg. 

Contact me at or .    So far only me, Ekki and Sharon from Canada are confirmed so a bit of room left.

Cheers, for now, Namaste,
Teresa didi  (and Ekki)