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Welcome to my website. Thanks for dropping by. Despite last year’s horrible earthquake we continued to visit Nepal in Northern Autumn last year and again this Spring. It was wonderful. There has been widespread devastation BUT people are rebuilding their lives, with help from all over the world. Some of the regions we visited were hardly impacted at all. What can really help Nepal right now is ‘business as usual’. The beauty of the Himalayas and the warmth of the Nepali people remain unchanged.   We were made to feel very welcome at every place we visited. Facilities for us were well up to scratch and transport and communication is as good as ever, which is to say ‘mostly ok’.

Fishtail in cloud

I have now been taking people to Nepal for nearly fifteen years. We’ve formed great bonds of friendship with the people who take care of us in Nepal, from guides and porters to jeep and bus drivers, travel agents and lodge owners. We are in good hands wherever we go. Our tried and tested itineraries have been honed to perfection, though when challenges arise we sometimes have great fun doing things a bit differently.

Nepali ladyNepal is still very much a developing country with all that this implies. The up-side is that the people are unspoiled and their traditional outlook and values can be a positive inspiration. 

I’ve tried to make itineraries which are achievable for people of ordinary levels of fitness.  Shorter days, longer lunches, lots of tea breaks. We each have our own porter; he carries just one rucksacks. He walks and talks with you during the day, lending a helping hand if the going gets a bit rough. You carry just a day-pack. We care about our ‘guys’. They are properly paid and insured. (On that score, feel free to top up your luggage allowance with op-shopping for kids or adults clothing for the staff and their families). I am involved with the Bright Future Community Centre in Kapan, in Kathmandu, the Dreamland Computer School, the Ketiko Sewing Group and the Patale Health Clinic in our Guide, Dorje’s home village. We always try to make time for visits. Some people even come early or stay late in order to do some volunteer work. 

Does Slowtrekking sound like something you could do? Lots of older people (customers have ranged from 8 – 80) think they have left their run at trekking in Nepal a bit late. Not if you come ‘SLOWTREKKING’.

Nepali LadyOK BACK TO TREKKING……… Upper Mustang was amazing. I can’t wait to go back so we are looking for expressions of interest for mid-October this year. We will probably walk up via Gorepani, Tatopani and Muktinath. However, those who don’t have that kind of time could join us at Jomsom. You would need a few days of acclimatisation before going into Upper Mustang as some of the passes are over 4000 metres.  Because my hip played up last season I did almost all of the trek by jeep. It occurred to me that others might deliberately choose this as an option.  A mix of jeeping and trekking could suit some. So thanks Jette, Denise, Debra, Cam, Faseny, Wayne, Barbara, Maureen, Lucy and Kerri. You were great ‘guinea pigs’. How good was it!

The Cultural Safari was brilliant. Mary brought her family back to do it again; Deb, Lee and son Jesse. Jane (Louise’ sister) joined us and Russ and Julie rounded out the group. Despite fuel, shortages (which actually caused one of our more interesting detours), lack of gas and electricity outages, all caused by the border dispute, we managed to enjoy a great trip. I would like to run it again in early December. It is a great way to see Nepal without doing a serious trek. Any takers???  Itineraries available on the Upcoming Treks' page.

Our trip to Muktinath went really well. Frank and Rudy started from Pokhara.  Tom, Jane, Julian, David, Mike, Lindsay and Colin visited Chitwan first and then battled the big hill to Ghandruk then Tadapani. The weather looked horrid, when Frank and Rudy joined us but it cleared rather beautifully half an hour later and was great for almost all the rest of the trek. Do read the Trek Report which I’ll put up REALLY SOON. I found the Ghandruk/Tadapani/Gorepani section ‘bloody hard’ and will revert to our usual Nyapul/Hille/Banthanti/Gorepani route for next season. The Muktinath Trek with its amazingly variable scenery, great lodges (mostly) and diverse cultures is hard to beat and is achievable for first-timers. This trek is open for bookings now for October 2016.

I was joined by Peter, Lici, Judy and Al for a new trek to the Solu district in April. Peter and Lici are founding members of the Pattale Health Clinic, in Dorje’s village, so that was our first port of call.  They were fêted by the local community which was well-deserved. Trekking was variable. Always ‘interesting’ some of the lodges were sub-par. It was a test run so we were on a steep learning curve. We now know how to do it much better and the area is well worth visiting. Fly in and jeep out next time, or vice versa? Pike Peak a definite option. No serious altitude issues here.Looking for expressions of interest for next March. April was just too hot. Trek Report soon.

Kagbeni Kali gandaki valley

Have a look at the photo pages to see more.  Read some of our Trek Reports and then stay tuned for specific itineraries for October/November/December or get in touch with me at I am home for all of February in Melbourne if you’d like to meet for a chat.



Trekking PorterWe trek in the Annapurna Conservation Area, the Sargamartha National Park and the Langtang Conservation Area so we try to be mindful of environmental issues. We favour lodges with fuel stoves for cooking, solar hot water and we try not to use much plastic-bottled water. We dispose of rubbish thoughtfully and bring our batteries and other sensitive rubbish back out with us.

Your porter will carry your rucksack. This would be a maximum of about 16 – 18 kg. The Nepalis are well-paid and properly insured. You carry only your day-pack with a fleece jacket, sun, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water, etc.

Have a look at the Photo Album to see some great pictures of the past treks dating back to 2003. Read the Trek Reports for descriptions of Anapurna Trekking, Langtang Trekking and, of course, Everest Trekking.


Kaligandaki ValleyMuktinath was fantastic in March this year so we are inviting new members for October 2016. The difference is that we are continuing after Kagbeni into Upper Mustang for ten days. If you check out the itinerary you will find lots of options. You can do just the normal, fabulous, Muktinath Trek. You can do the entire Nyapul to Lo Mantang as a trek, or you can join us in Jomsom for just Upper Mustang. The Upper Mustang portion will be supported by a dedicated jeep so that you can trek or ride every day. Do read the Trek Report from November 2015 to see what fun we had. I can't wait to get back up there.

On December 1st we will gather in Kathmandu for our annual Cultural Safari. This is a way to see a lot of Nepal in just 15 days. It is unbelievably varied. Kathmandu, Chitwan jungle safari, Lumbini, Thansen, Pokhara, Bandipur, Bhaktapur and back to Kathmandu. Cultural sights, wildlife safari, hill towns, small, villages, relaxing Pokhara, trekking, shopping. This trip has it all. We can even arrange paragliding if you are game. All in a comfy bus with decent accommodation everywhere. There are numerous Trek Reports from the four previous Cultural Safaris on the Last Trek Reports page, and check out the pictures in the Photo Albums. The day-treks on this one are all optional by the way.


Flying into Kathmandu: I have found Singapore Airlines or Thai Airways to be the pick of the bunch if flying in from Australia. Malaysian is also good.  China Southern is cheaper but sometimes unreliable. Book early for the best deals.   If you are flying from Europe I would try Qatar, Etihad or Turkish Airlines. Lufthansa also fly into Kathmandu but can cost a little more.

Trekking CustomersTrekking in Nepal is a magical experience. Even slow trekking you will be tested at times. Meeting these demands can make you feel very good about yourself. The beauty of the landscapes and the nature of the people will touch your spirit. If you are open to it Nepal can be a very positive and enlightening experience. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Do have a look at the UPCOMING TREKS page for more details and then take a look around the PHOTO ALBUM to see the kind of people who have been trekking with us over the past ten years. You might notice that they are normal people, often of a ‘certain age’, with ordinary levels of fitness. People just like you in fact.  

Teresa (Didi) or

Now, have a look at the other pages for more specific information and lovely pictures.

Upcoming Treks in Nepal

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It is definitely 'game on' for Everest Base Camp and Gokyo next Spring. Start date to be finalised shortly but estimate 23 March, for a month in Nepal. Plans also firming up for an easy trek through the Solu in early March. Lots of cultural interest and a lot less 'mountaineering'. YOU CAN DO THIS!!" Heading to Upper Mustang in the morning (20/10) but do email.
Cheers, Teresa